About Us

Avoid a disaster and call Metal Masters Construction and here's why:

Metal Masters Construction has been in business since 2009. Our management team brings over 30 years experience to your roofing project. Most companies all have one thing in common--how much money can they make with a total disregard to the quality of their workmanship and materials used on the job. We have seen the horrible customer service after the sale and the lack of attention to the quality of the installation process resulting in upset homeowners. Most companies primarily focus all their attention on collecting the final payment no matter what kind of job they performed for the customer.

We decided to build our company around good old fashion quality workmanship and materials that will result in satisfied customers receiving a quality job. We believe in going above and beyond the simple details to ensure that our customers get what they pay for. When you contract Metal Masters Construction to do a job for you, you can expect to receive quality materials, friendly professional installers, clean organized job site and most importantly a completely finished and great looking job that we promised you. We guarantee all of our jobs with our 20-year warranty on all materials, labor and workmanship. Our thoughts are, "if something goes wrong with any material, labor or workmanship, then we should have to fix it at our expense since you've already paid for the job. Our warranty we offer is unique in the fact that other companies won't offer it because it means that they're responsible even after the job has been collected.